Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using Aborted Babies Overies in IVF

After reading THIS post at Daily Mail I have thought long and hard about the ramifications of taking the ovaries from aborted babies to use in IVF treatments.  Obviously my faith does not even allow me to consider the morality of such a thing. It isn't. In any way shape or form. But as we know the scientific community rarely looks to the Catholic Church to see if something "should" be done.

So, what could we expect within say 15 years if they start this process now? I suspect we would see an increase in birth defects cause embryos to be destroyed, or babies aborted should defects be found after being implanted. I would say it would be extremely disturbing for a child to learn that they don't really have a biological mother because she was never allowed to even take a breath.

More disturbing to me however is the medical communities insistence on playing God. And their complete lack 'because we can' attitude. We abort babies before they are born (or in sick cases being  highlighted by the Goznell trial, after they are born) because they are not viable, they are blobs of tissue, they are not alive... yet we can take a piece of that "not alive" and make life from it???

When are we going to accept the fact that the children we abort are children? How can we continue to accept things like abortion, and questions about using aborted babies in other medical experiments and not understand that the case of Kermit Goznell is a very direct result of our own "blurring of the lines" when it comes to life and death? 

I have talked before about not judging the women too harshly that have had abortions, they are usually desperate and feel they have no other choice to make. They walk into clinics like Goznells and they say all the right things. "It will be over soon, it will be quick, it's just a blob of tissue, it's not a baby..." all those things that help an already desperate woman justify killing her baby.

What they don't tell her is how she will feel when her desperation fades, and she realizes what she has done. They don't tell her all the complications that could happen. Lie upon lie, all in the name of the all mighty dollar and "woman's choice". Our culture of death is destroying us.

More people need to stand up and speak for those that do not have a voice. The most innocent among us. When we have Catholics and other Christians condoning the death sentence abortion brings to our little ones we are lost. We must teach our children that abstinence is far more precious than a one night stand, that their bodies are precious and not a tool. That sex is more than just a feel good weekend activity. And that babies, regardless of how they are conceived begin their life at the moment of conception NOT the moment they take their first breath.

If you have had an abortion and need help please contact Rachel's vineyard Ministries.

If you are thinking about having an abortion please contact Priests for Life Pregnancy Resources

For information on the views of the Catholic Church on IVF please go here: Catholic Answers IVF

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