Friday, April 12, 2013

Gosnell, have you heard of him?

Dr. (and I use the title loosely) Kermit Gosnell headed up an abortion clinic in PA. It was shut down nearly 2 years ago after a health inspector FINALLY saw fit to go check out this clinic. After the inspector went through the clinic it was dubbed the "house of horrors".

To some of us that is not surprise, after all abortion clinic automatically equals "house of horrors". To some however, those who think abortion is ok it is not automatic, it is unsettling, and therefore they must ignore. How can one ignore "house of horrors", millions made, 2 women killed, many more injured. Not to mention babies killed AFTER being born alive by having scissors shoved into their necks and their spines cut. And jar after jar of tiny little feet, arms, legs, kept on shelves for what purpose?

After 17 years of running his filthy clinic, he was finally inspected and then charged with murder, among other things, but we don't here about this in the main stream media. We sure heard about the dogs that Mr. Vick used in his dog fights, because that was horrific. We sure heard about the horses being tied and left to starve, because that was horrific. We hear about a lot of things having to do with animal cruelty, we know when Lindsey Lohan finds herself in trouble again, when a celebrity couple splits, and sometimes we even have to hear about how fantastic Obama is doing as president, despite the numbers and facts showing us otherwise, but we don't hear about this man who is charged with murder because he killed babies 30 seconds too late.

So where is why. If the main stream media were to highlight this story it would put the ridiculous fact that he is being charged because his first attempt to kill a baby was perfectly fine in this beautiful country we live in, but because he failed at that one and the baby somehow managed to live, despite his best efforts and was born into this world alive and that he THEN killed the child 30 seconds too late directly in pro choice faces.

We would be putting the spot light on that which pro-life people have been saying all along. It's NOT a blob of tissue, it is a child, a living being with full rights as it's own person. We would be shedding light on the stupidity of the argument that this "thing" is not living, that it has no potential for life.

Now wouldn't that be a shame, then we would have to admit that abortion in general is nothing but the murder of a child. Now you know why you won't hear about this much in mainstream media either. What little they mention will be hidden at the back, or at the very end of the trial where they will merely mention the results of this trial.

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