Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Our President: The Constitution Is An Imperfect Document...

Today this little gem came across my Facebook. Yes, our president actually said this.


I do not know who made it, but I did listen to the clip, yes, he said it on a radio interview.

The wonderful thing about our constitution is it's ability to grow with the country. Yes, it was written "way back when" but look how well it has served us. And if you take it apart piece by piece you can still see the brilliance. Obama, claiming to be a constitutional law expert, should know this better then anyone. So why would he say this?

Think about this, he was not raised in America. He was raised by people who believe socialism works, people who believe that America is the root of all evil, yet think beating a woman or stoning her for even talking to a man not her husband no matter how innocent is acceptable. He has promised to fundamentally change this country, this is one promise - the ONLY promise he ever made, that he fully intends to keep. By lying to the people of this country about hope and change he has taken both away from us. He is putting our country into a debt we may never dig out of and he is giving money and weapons  to terrorists.

You might have the inclination to say that is all crazy talk, however, consider this. President Obama sent a memorandum that halted the law of our country that says we must NOT give aid to terrorists. Why? He knew that the Syrian rebels he sent aid to ARE TERRORIST, and this was his attempt to keep himself from being impeached. BUT I ask you, if all the laws of the land are subject only to the presidents whim then what good are the laws? There is a reason it is considered treasonous to aid terrorists, is this one man so magnanimous and brilliant that we are not to question anything he does. That is, after all, what it suggests when he alone can write off any law he chooses not to follow.

***** From the White House website:

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority Under Sections 552(c)(2) and 614 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3, United States Code, I hereby delegate to the Secretary of State:

(1) the authority under section 552(c)(2) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended (FAA), to direct the drawdown of up to $15 million in nonlethal commodities and services from any department or agency of the United States to provide assistance for the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) and the Supreme Military Council (SMC), and to make the determinations required under such section to direct such a drawdown; and

(2) the authority under section 614 of the FAA to determine whether it is important to the security interests of the United States to furnish such assistance to the SOC and the SMC without regard to any other provision of law within the purview of section 614(a)(1) of the FAA.

You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.


Along with that the president has signed executive orders that give him all power and control over everything that is necessary for us to live, in the case of a disaster natural or not.

*****You can read the text of the executive on the White house website here.

*****You can read the specific text including some commentary and history here.

Then you might ask yourself, why would he put it out there on the website.
1st, it's the law - for now.
2nd, unless you actually went to those sites from this post would you have otherwise?

The one thing this president and really any president from here out has in his/her favor is the ignorance and apathy of the American people.  There are simply not enough of us who care. I see this changing. Will you be amongst those who follow their leader off a cliff like sheep, or will you start to care and educate yourself, and pay attention?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Women and Moms... stand up for your right to protect your family...

Thanks to The Woman's Shooting Academy I found THIS blog asking women and moms, not to boycott (give them props for that one), but to pressure Starbucks not to allow legal conceal carry holders to bring their firearms into their stores. There are a lot of comments that give false or skewed information about guns and who it is we should be protected from exactly - I mean it isn't exactly the legal conceal carry holders out there shooting up school children and movie theaters.  So I took the opportunity to use their links to give Starbucks my support and to tell them I got the info to do so from the above mentioned post at "the truth about" including sending them a link so as not to cause confusion.

Here is the deal my conservative mom and women friends, we can't be silent. Those who oppose freedom in our country and think the constitution is out dated are speaking louder then us right now. Yes, we are busy, who isn't? But we must choose right NOW. Do we want to be SHEEP or SHEEPDOGS?

I have said it before and I will say it again, I refuse to be a sheep, I refuse to lay down and let some idiot who does not pay any attention to the laws already on the books, have at an easy target. I will not leave myself and my children helpless and vulnerable. (Hubs can take care of himself, and he does a good job of protecting us too ... but I digress...)

These moms and women who would be sheep, who choose to be sheep are clueless about what it takes to be protected from the wolves. I live with my eyes wide open and I make a choice to protect myself not wait around for 30 min while a police officer gets to my town which has no standing police force of it's own.

And before you get on your political bandwagon about me calling people sheep, read the above linked blog on Sheep, sheepdogs and wolves... it does not mean what you think it means. Every person in this country needs to make a choice, do you want to be a sheep? As stated in the letter, that is ok, but admit that you are a sheep and realize that someday you may just need a sheepdog to protect you and your family from the wolves. Wolves do not leave the sheep alone just because the shepherd fires the sheepdog.

I ask my friends to please tell Starbucks you support them on their stand for the 2nd amendment. If you don't they will only hear from the other side and it might just sway them. Then, get vocal, now is not the time to choose to be a sheep, or at the very least, not to disarm the sheepdog.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Obamacare... now that we know what's in it...

"Obamacare is coming undone. You can see ithappening day by day, provision by provision, as the administrationpostpones or scales back key parts of the law, and other signscontinue to suggest that the law as written simply won’t work."  

 I read the above article and had a few thoughts of my own. Indulge me.

As we have seen #PresidentBarrackHusseinObamaII is not a big enough man to admit when he has made a mistake. Hopefully they can chip away at this monstrosity of a legislation fast enough to prevent most of the damage. It is already hurting families as the medical community struggles to come into compliance with the changes as per the deadlines set by this administration. Businesses are doing the same by cutting jobs or cutting hours or both.

And as we go on, with those who did not read it before it became a bill because in this backwards nonsensical world we took the word of a politician (a psychotic one at that #NancyPalosi)  that we would be impressed with the bill once it was passed and we found out what was in it. We are learning that those who pushed it the most are now exempt from it, and those who have been draining our system for every drop of social services including medical care illegally #IllegalImmigrants are also going to be exempt from it as they are given that which they took without regard of whom they hurt in the meantime, hard working families who pay into the system but for some reason beyond their control  are now in need of the services. Services that were put into place to help people just like them, but now they are being turned down because the system has been stretched so thin.

And as we look forward, even those who thought they were doing what is best for this country in writing this monstrosity are now calling it a "train wreck" with no idea in the world how they are going to implement it or pay for it once they do. Those who did not read it are finding out what those of us who did already knew, it is impossible to take a system that is regarded as one of the best in the world and drastically change it in this way and not ruin the system entirely.

They have put our country at risk, our elderly, our children and they still expect us to just go along with their "plans" all because it would be embarrassing to admit that they bit off more than they could chew.

Overwhelmingly the American people did not want this bill. We called it an unfair tax, they said it was NOT a tax, and passed it anyway. They said it was not a tax, because if they admitted it was, they would have had to go through a process that would have stopped it in it's tracks. When it was challenged, the supreme court said that it was a tax, and therefore could not be challenged nor defeated based on the case in point. It should have been immediately repealed because it was not passed as a tax should be. But because too many people trust our politicians without question because for some reason we have put them on a pedestal of being "smarter" then us or more "knowledgeable" then us. In reality they have only learned better how to speak with pretty words and to use the system that is supposed to protect us from the government to go beyond their bounds.

And because so many trust them so completely those of us who see what is happening feel helpless. We have been taught to be "nice" to be "polite" not to speak to loud or have an opinion that might hurt another persons  feelings. We have been brainwashed and asleep and we are waking up, but now it might just be too late and not enough are opening their eyes.  We are told to be tolerant, but then told we are unacceptable because we trust in God and have a set of values we hold dear and cling to so that we might live better lives and go to heaven. Living by a set of values is not tolerable but living as you wish with no values we must tolerate.

When a world becomes a place where everyone lives only to please themselves and nothing is deemed immoral or improper then we live in a world of chaos. This country was founded on Christian principals, survived because of those principles, became a melting pot because every one was welcome given they would abide by our Constitution and our laws. Our country became great and powerful enough to remain free because of those principals. Even if you chose not to be a Christian it is those very principles that allowed you the freedom to make that choice.

 Yet now Christians are being told it is them who are unacceptable. We must now wear our cross or other sign of our faith because it might offend the Muslim who carries his Koran and stops in the midst of what ever else might be going on to pray. Now it is the very people who live by the constitution that made this country great those like the ones who came before willing to take up arms and die to protect others lives, we are the ones who are being demonized by those who would need protecting.

A country that started because we were not afraid to be the sheepdog and set ourselves up to be the protector of those who would choose to be sheep against the wolves that are ever present, ever cunning, ever planning on how to slaughter the sheep. We are now being told by those sheep that we can not be trusted, that because there are wolves we must lay down our arms, as if those wolves would just saunter along and leave the defenseless alone. They would some how without explanation become sheep themselves.

We need to wake up, we need to fight back, we need to be lawful, but not nice, nor polite about our resolve to keep this country free, in order to remain great. We do not want to become like other countries, we want our identity as a free nation run BY and FOR the people not by those who would pretend to represent us only to betray us. It starts at the top, but goes all the way to the bottom of the political cess pool. We should never have to worry about our president dismantling our constitution piece by piece, but that is only happening because those under him are being just as corrupt, complacent, and scandalous. We need new blood in the White House, in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. We need them on both sides of the isle and right up the middle too. We need people who remember who they are working for. We the People need to take it back and with a vengeance so that it will not be a lesson lost. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Government Wasteful Spending - did you know?

According to a Congressional Research Services report compensation for most representatives and senators is $174,000 a year.
Additionally, members of Congress are eligible to enroll in health and life insurance plans, can opt into a pension plan and are offered a variety of reimbursements and allowances to support them in their representational duties.
The Congressional Research Service has reported the average annual Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuity was $69,420 in 2010. The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which went into effect in 1987, averaged a retirement annuity (not including Social Security) of $38,460 in 2010. Depending on when they began their service former lawmakers may choose to participate in either plan.

That is just for some background information.
This is what we are paying for...
Example # 1 Hank Johnson congressman since 2007

In early 2010 he made headlines with this brilliant assessment of adding troops to our base on Guam.

In late 2011 He assured us that he and the other dimwits up on the hill "earn their $175,000 pay" and benefits.

And in Late 2012 he went on and on about using the "M" word.

Because of this eloquent speech the night before:

And now apparently in a race to out "stupid" himself we are treated to this:

Look him up, there is so much more... but I think I've proved my point.
Now I ask you, is there nothing we can think of better to do with $175,000 + benefits a year then this???

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using Aborted Babies Overies in IVF

After reading THIS post at Daily Mail I have thought long and hard about the ramifications of taking the ovaries from aborted babies to use in IVF treatments.  Obviously my faith does not even allow me to consider the morality of such a thing. It isn't. In any way shape or form. But as we know the scientific community rarely looks to the Catholic Church to see if something "should" be done.

So, what could we expect within say 15 years if they start this process now? I suspect we would see an increase in birth defects cause embryos to be destroyed, or babies aborted should defects be found after being implanted. I would say it would be extremely disturbing for a child to learn that they don't really have a biological mother because she was never allowed to even take a breath.

More disturbing to me however is the medical communities insistence on playing God. And their complete lack 'because we can' attitude. We abort babies before they are born (or in sick cases being  highlighted by the Goznell trial, after they are born) because they are not viable, they are blobs of tissue, they are not alive... yet we can take a piece of that "not alive" and make life from it???

When are we going to accept the fact that the children we abort are children? How can we continue to accept things like abortion, and questions about using aborted babies in other medical experiments and not understand that the case of Kermit Goznell is a very direct result of our own "blurring of the lines" when it comes to life and death? 

I have talked before about not judging the women too harshly that have had abortions, they are usually desperate and feel they have no other choice to make. They walk into clinics like Goznells and they say all the right things. "It will be over soon, it will be quick, it's just a blob of tissue, it's not a baby..." all those things that help an already desperate woman justify killing her baby.

What they don't tell her is how she will feel when her desperation fades, and she realizes what she has done. They don't tell her all the complications that could happen. Lie upon lie, all in the name of the all mighty dollar and "woman's choice". Our culture of death is destroying us.

More people need to stand up and speak for those that do not have a voice. The most innocent among us. When we have Catholics and other Christians condoning the death sentence abortion brings to our little ones we are lost. We must teach our children that abstinence is far more precious than a one night stand, that their bodies are precious and not a tool. That sex is more than just a feel good weekend activity. And that babies, regardless of how they are conceived begin their life at the moment of conception NOT the moment they take their first breath.

If you have had an abortion and need help please contact Rachel's vineyard Ministries.

If you are thinking about having an abortion please contact Priests for Life Pregnancy Resources

For information on the views of the Catholic Church on IVF please go here: Catholic Answers IVF

Friday, April 19, 2013

Where was God? and the answer that drives me nuts...

There have been several tragedies in the last few days. The Boston marathon bombings, the explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas, the shooting of an MIT campus security officer... the list goes on.  As usual when things like this happen it is common for people to ask "where is God?", "why did he let this happen?".  And if they are not asking that question they are answering it, most often with things like this:

source: internet quotes

This really bothered me. If you want to say we have lessons to learn and can learn from the difficulties and tragedies that occur, ok - I get that... but to say that God ALLOWS these things to happen for HIS purpose? That makes no sense.

I am not a theologian, I'm no expert, but there is a clear distinction between God allowing things to happen for His purpose, and God using the wickedness of others for Good in the end. You see, the difference is 'free-will'.  We are not puppets on a string, YES, God has a plan for each and every one of us, but he has only given us guidelines as to how to get to that plan. CLEAR GUIDELINES, but guidelines none the less. We must CHOOSE to follow those guidelines. God does not put up the barriers in our path, we do that to ourselves. God does not decide which events will take place or not, again people choose to do these things.

We can not have it both ways, we can't be both puppets on a string and have free will. 

So then we have to answer the question, "where is God?"   God is in the same place He always is - with us.
In Boston, God was with the man in the cowboy hat who jumped in with both feet to help and ended up holding a mans artery together with his fingers while they wheeled him to an ambulance.

source AP

God was standing next to the little boy who died, not because God called him, but because some mad man took his life way too soon. Still God was there, to comfort him and to take him in His arms.

God was there in each of the hearts of those first responders, in those who have done the searching since, in those who have been injured, and with those who died. If we believe in Him, he is with us as we go through our lives. When we ask God to help us, we get answers. Sometimes we don't hear the answers because we are looking through tunnel vision. God sees the big picture. He does LOVE us and wants the best for us. But we have to be open to HIS answers to HIS plan for us, not just the answers we want.

My camera, above Boulder

The other day I was having a bad day in my own household, I could have looked around right were I stood to find a solution, but I didn't, I threw a fit and drove off. When I got to where the road took me I ended up in the above spot. How easy it was to find God in that moment. But I opened my heart, I opened my eyes, and I realized I had done the wrong thing, God would have been just as evident if I'd stayed right were I was and opened my heart wide enough too.

God is with us, He does not let things happen for His purpose, but he uses the consequences of our free will choices to make a difference in this world - IF WE OPEN OURSELVES UP TO SEE IT. Again free will. If we walk around with our eyes closed to God we will miss Him, we will automatically be more susceptible to evil and vulnerable to the evil others will do.  It is OUR responsibility to go out into this world prepared, open and obedient to God.

"Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all (the) flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." -Ephesians 6:13-17

My prayers go out to all the families and victims of all those that have been affected by all of the recent events. Put your trust in God, place your faith directly in Him, and find peace.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Gosnell, have you heard of him?

Dr. (and I use the title loosely) Kermit Gosnell headed up an abortion clinic in PA. It was shut down nearly 2 years ago after a health inspector FINALLY saw fit to go check out this clinic. After the inspector went through the clinic it was dubbed the "house of horrors".

To some of us that is not surprise, after all abortion clinic automatically equals "house of horrors". To some however, those who think abortion is ok it is not automatic, it is unsettling, and therefore they must ignore. How can one ignore "house of horrors", millions made, 2 women killed, many more injured. Not to mention babies killed AFTER being born alive by having scissors shoved into their necks and their spines cut. And jar after jar of tiny little feet, arms, legs, kept on shelves for what purpose?

After 17 years of running his filthy clinic, he was finally inspected and then charged with murder, among other things, but we don't here about this in the main stream media. We sure heard about the dogs that Mr. Vick used in his dog fights, because that was horrific. We sure heard about the horses being tied and left to starve, because that was horrific. We hear about a lot of things having to do with animal cruelty, we know when Lindsey Lohan finds herself in trouble again, when a celebrity couple splits, and sometimes we even have to hear about how fantastic Obama is doing as president, despite the numbers and facts showing us otherwise, but we don't hear about this man who is charged with murder because he killed babies 30 seconds too late.

So where is why. If the main stream media were to highlight this story it would put the ridiculous fact that he is being charged because his first attempt to kill a baby was perfectly fine in this beautiful country we live in, but because he failed at that one and the baby somehow managed to live, despite his best efforts and was born into this world alive and that he THEN killed the child 30 seconds too late directly in pro choice faces.

We would be putting the spot light on that which pro-life people have been saying all along. It's NOT a blob of tissue, it is a child, a living being with full rights as it's own person. We would be shedding light on the stupidity of the argument that this "thing" is not living, that it has no potential for life.

Now wouldn't that be a shame, then we would have to admit that abortion in general is nothing but the murder of a child. Now you know why you won't hear about this much in mainstream media either. What little they mention will be hidden at the back, or at the very end of the trial where they will merely mention the results of this trial.