Friday, April 26, 2013

Government Wasteful Spending - did you know?

According to a Congressional Research Services report compensation for most representatives and senators is $174,000 a year.
Additionally, members of Congress are eligible to enroll in health and life insurance plans, can opt into a pension plan and are offered a variety of reimbursements and allowances to support them in their representational duties.
The Congressional Research Service has reported the average annual Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) annuity was $69,420 in 2010. The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which went into effect in 1987, averaged a retirement annuity (not including Social Security) of $38,460 in 2010. Depending on when they began their service former lawmakers may choose to participate in either plan.

That is just for some background information.
This is what we are paying for...
Example # 1 Hank Johnson congressman since 2007

In early 2010 he made headlines with this brilliant assessment of adding troops to our base on Guam.

In late 2011 He assured us that he and the other dimwits up on the hill "earn their $175,000 pay" and benefits.

And in Late 2012 he went on and on about using the "M" word.

Because of this eloquent speech the night before:

And now apparently in a race to out "stupid" himself we are treated to this:

Look him up, there is so much more... but I think I've proved my point.
Now I ask you, is there nothing we can think of better to do with $175,000 + benefits a year then this???

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