Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Women and Moms... stand up for your right to protect your family...

Thanks to The Woman's Shooting Academy I found THIS blog asking women and moms, not to boycott (give them props for that one), but to pressure Starbucks not to allow legal conceal carry holders to bring their firearms into their stores. There are a lot of comments that give false or skewed information about guns and who it is we should be protected from exactly - I mean it isn't exactly the legal conceal carry holders out there shooting up school children and movie theaters.  So I took the opportunity to use their links to give Starbucks my support and to tell them I got the info to do so from the above mentioned post at "the truth about" including sending them a link so as not to cause confusion.

Here is the deal my conservative mom and women friends, we can't be silent. Those who oppose freedom in our country and think the constitution is out dated are speaking louder then us right now. Yes, we are busy, who isn't? But we must choose right NOW. Do we want to be SHEEP or SHEEPDOGS?

I have said it before and I will say it again, I refuse to be a sheep, I refuse to lay down and let some idiot who does not pay any attention to the laws already on the books, have at an easy target. I will not leave myself and my children helpless and vulnerable. (Hubs can take care of himself, and he does a good job of protecting us too ... but I digress...)

These moms and women who would be sheep, who choose to be sheep are clueless about what it takes to be protected from the wolves. I live with my eyes wide open and I make a choice to protect myself not wait around for 30 min while a police officer gets to my town which has no standing police force of it's own.

And before you get on your political bandwagon about me calling people sheep, read the above linked blog on Sheep, sheepdogs and wolves... it does not mean what you think it means. Every person in this country needs to make a choice, do you want to be a sheep? As stated in the letter, that is ok, but admit that you are a sheep and realize that someday you may just need a sheepdog to protect you and your family from the wolves. Wolves do not leave the sheep alone just because the shepherd fires the sheepdog.

I ask my friends to please tell Starbucks you support them on their stand for the 2nd amendment. If you don't they will only hear from the other side and it might just sway them. Then, get vocal, now is not the time to choose to be a sheep, or at the very least, not to disarm the sheepdog.

Thank you.

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